2015 BMW M2: What It May Appear Like Without Camouflage [PICS]

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If an M2 ever comes out of BMW, this will most probably be what it will be look like. This full-fledge M variant of the 2 series coupe was rendered by BMW Blog and it definitely looks very close to what we would expect from BMW. In fact, if this was released closer to any launch date, we will surely be fooled.

The vehicle’s design is done based on the 1M coupe and is even given an orange paint to remind people of where the design came from.

There was speculation of a possible M2 by BMW that would arrive in 2016 and chances of it looking almost like this is pretty great.

The M2 was never officially announced by BMW but we guess that it would be very hard if BMW decides to go on with it, Just reduce the weight, make it wider, put in a M3/M4 engine and it’s done.

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