2015 Ford Bronco SVT Might Happen

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So after all the rumors and speculations, we might be seeing the new Ford Bronco made based on the Ford Atlas.

The Ford Bronco was killed off in the 90s when sales of the off-roader were not too great and Ford has since been very reluctant to bring back the model although now some are saying that they had their reasons for their reluctance.

According to Ford, if they wanted to bring the Ford Bronco back, they will have to get it approved again that they will need to start all over again in terms of manufacturing it and they are only willing to do so if it was made as a SVT vehicle, but the SVT spot had already been taken up by the SVT Raptor right now but maybe now that they will be ending the SVT Raptor, the Ford Bronco SVT will be stepping in.

The word is that Ford’s SVT will be working on the Ford Bronco soon and will be releasing the new Ford Bronco in 2016 under the hood will be a 5.0 liter Coyote V8 engine that will be delivering 420hp. There might also be a 4.9 liter Powerstroke V6 diesel engine that will be able to deliver 330hp.

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