2015 Ford Bronco: What Future Does It Have?

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We haven’t heard about the Ford Bronco in a long time, however there are rumours going around that Ford could be about to launch the Bronco again, if so what could we expect to see?

The Ford Bronco does have history that is long. It came out during the 1990s but since that time has been on a spiral down. Some people said this was thanks to the famous O.J. Simpson chase on the highway.

But there are some people who believe that it is about time for the return of the Bronco. This is due to the fact that at the moment there isn’t what can be called a true off-road vehicle in the stable. Ford recently said that they would release the Troller T4 over in South America and this gave fans over in North America some hope that perhaps a Bronco would arrive for them.

Marck Schirmer told Autoblog though that the architecture of the Troller and the Ford is different. This means that to get the T4 certified and approved for use in North America, it would be almost impossible. The only car at the moment that could be transitioned would be the F-150.

So it is looking as though the chances of a Bronco arriving are very slim.

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