2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Model On Hold For Now

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Jeep recently announced that they will be holding of the Jeep Cherokee Diesel in the US. As for when they will bring it in, it has to depend on the diesel market in US.

According to Jeep, they want to wait and observe how well diesel engine would do in the US market before committing the Jeep Cherokee. They will judge based on the sale of their Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel that was already launched in the US. Depending on how many units it sells, Jeep will then decide the future of the Jeep Cherokee in US.

Mike Manly, Jeep’s boss commented that they would like to see the numbers on the Grand Cherokee double before they will consider bringing in the Cherokee, he told Automotive News that the ““Cherokee is slightly different because of its weight and size. When I think about bringing Cherokee diesel here, I would like to see Grand Cherokee diesel get much higher than eight per cent. It would have to be in mid-double digits.”

Although nothing can certain at this point. He did say that “I never rule anything out with diesel for the Jeep brand,”
Powering the Jeep Cherokee is a 2.0 liter Multijet Four cylinder turbo diesel.

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