2015 Land Rover Discovery Is Ford Explorer At Back And Range Rover At Front

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We have seen a concept for the Land Rover Discovery Vision in New York and this could be what all future Discovery vehicles will be based on. It is thought that the first will come out next year. We saw a design that not only offered features that are versatile but which are also innovative, along with superb tech from the research department.

The concept came out with the scale model of the Virgin Galactic USS Intrepid at the Manhattan Sea, Air and Space Centre.

It seems that the Discovery will change from the single model to an SUV that is category redefining and the concept clearly showed what people can expect from Land Rover in the future.

The managing director for JLR said ‘We announced at the Geneva Motor Show in March that the Discovery family is set to evolve. And it is apt that in the 25th anniversary year of the original Discovery that we preview how this evolution will take us forward into a daring new era. The Discovery Vision Concept gives us the first stunning glimpse into this hugely exciting future.’
It seems that JLR want to show the car as being practical along with reconfigurable, with an interior that offers plenty of room and seating that can be reconfigured based on the family’s needs.

Seating can be slid back and forth along with being folded, from the touchscreen menu. It is possible for a layout of seven, six, five and four seats.

The tailgate is one piece and the rear sill step can be used. There is also a folding bench seat and room for a bike rack on the sill step.

It comes with the Human Machine Interface for an immersive multimedia experience. There are video calls between the people sat in front and back, while Smart Glass offer augmented reality and the doors, headlights, screens on the seat backs and indicators can be controlled using gestures.

The car comes with a transparent head up display on the bonnet so that the driver can see the ground in front of them. There are cameras situated under the grille and these are paired with the windscreen integrated display. When the driver is going over difficult terrain the camera is able to project an image onto the windscreen, which essentially makes the bonnet seem invisible.

There are fog lights on the front and these have laser terrain scanning, which can render a contour map onto the HD display. This works alongside the All Terrain guidance system that is able to chart a path for the driver.

Director of Research and Technology at Jaguar Land Rover, Wolfgang Epple, said: ‘As a true pioneer, Land Rover is committed to constantly pushing the boundaries to redefine what SÚV capability and versatility is all about. The Discovery Vision Concept shows the breadth of innovative, intelligent technologies being developed in order to offer our future customers unprecedented capability across any kind of terrain.’

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