2016 Audi SQ7: Spy Shots Reveals Boring Interior

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We didn’t have any clue what the new Audi SQ7 was going to look like until these new spy shots came online.

Audi wasn’t even worried about the design getting revealed since they just left it there with no camouflage tapes on. It looks like the new Audi SQ7 will be coming in with a redesigned front that will include a new set new air ducts with a new wheel design. They also fitted the rear with a new quad exhaust tips.

The spies also manage to get close enough to show us how the interior of the new Audi SQ7 will look like, although there wasn’t really anything to be excited about.

The Audi SQ7 will be given a powerful powertrain although Audi did not mention what powertrain we will be seeing. The Audi SQ7 is expected to arrive next year, although we might get to see it this year.

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