Ford’s Chevrolet Colorado Has Shown Its Face

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Ford Asia Pacific has just released a new teaser video of the new Ford Ranger. The new teaser video not only show us some of the details of the new Ford Ranger, but it also gave us a sneak peak at what the new Ford Ranger will look like from the front. The teaser video will be available on YouTube if you would like to check it out.

From the looks of it, Ford might be bringing in a bulkier Ford Ranger this time. The vehicle we saw in the video looks larger and wider, the design is also more muscular this time around. The new Ford Ranger will be fitted with a chrome three floating slat grille that will be sitting on top of the lower front bumper.

Ford also announcement that their new Ford Ranger will be much stronger, safer, smarter and also smoother this time around. However, they did not tell us what they did or add on to the vehicle to make it so.

Hopefully more information about the specs and interior design will be revealed soon.

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