Getting Android 5.0 Update For The Samsung Galaxy S3

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Lucky Samsung Galaxy S3 users will still get to experience the new Samsung Galaxy S3 software even though Samsung announced that they won’t be updating the Android for them. The new ROM was developed by android developers for the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300.

If you are planning to upgrade your device to the new Android 5.0 Lollipop, you will need to make sure that your device is the i9300 model. Using it on the wrong model could cause the smartphone to brick up. Your device will also need to have at least 80% of battery life. Root the device using CWM recovery and also install the Arter97 and the new ROM.
The developers did warn that users might experience some problems with their WiFi, GPS, camera and also radio storage after installing the new ROM.

To start, you will need to restore the backup from the SD Card backup folder and install the new ROM. Extract the zip file and copy the ROM, paste it into the Samsung Galaxy S3. Switch the device off and load it back to the recovery mode. Do a full data wipe once you enter the recovery mode and restore the backup. Flash the Arter97 kernel and you are done.

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