Google Nexus Successor Will Not Be Alone

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It looks like there will not be a new Nexus Tablet this year. There were a lot of talk about whether or not Google was going to come out with a new Nexus or now and who will be manufacturing the new Nexus and it looks like we might have the answer for it now.

Android Police reported that Google will not be bringing in a new Tablet this year, but will instead offer two smartphone models, a smaller 5.2inch smartphone codename Angler that will be manufactured by LG and a 5.7inch Huawei model codename Bullhead.

There were talks about Huawei and LG manufacturing the Nexus previously and we were hoping that one of them will be manufacturing a more affordable model of the Nexus just like the Nexus 5 while the other will be making the successor for the Nexus 6 but it looks like that will not be the case.

There aren’t many details about the Nexus devices right now, but hopefully we will be hearing more soon.

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