GTA 6 To Fix These GTA 5 Flaws & Shortcomings?

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Although the game Grand Theft Auto 6 is still far from being released since the developers might have just started planning out the game, fans are already talking about what they would like to see in the game and where they think the game should be set in. More important is that they are also talking about what they think Rockstar should fix for the next GTA 6.

Most of the fans agree that the Map in GTA 5 is not the best. To access it, players will have to pause the game wait for it to load and press A. The Waypoints takes too long to load to be of any use too.

They also wouldn’t mind if Rockstar get rid of the first person mode since it is rarely used. It might come in handy during a shootout, but most often than not, you will be running around doing some other things and not shooting.

Some fans also suggest that Rockstar make a few female playable characters in the game and also make the game more equal in terms of gender. Prostitutes are only female for now so why not have some male too.

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