iOS 8 Complaints Begin To Grow: Problems Mounting

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The new iOS 8 update did not come as a blessing for many of their user mostly because the iOS 8 that was distribution came with a lot of bugs, problems and issues that affected the way the Apple device’s functions.

At first, people had problems downloading it because of the large file size, which means users will need to wait a long time before they can finish the download. Others have also reported that some of the functions of the Apple device did not work well after the update including the sound and other apps and function although not everybody experienced the same problem.

There are also some that said that the upgrade draining the battery life of the device faster and also faced issues when trying to launch a third party app.

All these issues caused the user experience to drop which is why Apple user are now very unhappy with the update. Hopefully, Apple will find a way to solve all these problems.

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