Jeep Renegade Part Of Tokyo’s Comeback Line-Up

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US Manufacturer pulled out from the Tokyo Auto Show eight years ago after the global crisis and many of them are still reluctant to go back in except Jeep.

Jeep announces that they will be heading to Japan to take part in the Tokyo Motor Show. Their good sales record in Japan might be the reason why they are so excited about showing off their new models at the show.
They are not only the first US manufacturer to sign up, but it looks like they will be the only US manufacturer heading back into Japan this year.

FCA will be bringing a total of eight models this time including some Jeeps. Some fans believe that the Jeep that will be heading to Tokyo might be the new Jeep Renegade since the Renegade looks like something that would work well in Japan. The Tokyo Motor Show will start on the 30th of Oct and end on the 8th of November.

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