Kia Pickup Truck Hapening In The Future?

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We still do not know what it was that was leaked online. Some said that the image we saw online was a leaked internal study while others said it was just another one of those designs drawn out by independent designer but it sure looks impressive.

The leaked image did cause quite a stir when it was first released, but it was hyped up even more when the people over at Kia-World said that it could be a leaked designer drawing.

No matter the origin, we have to admit that the design looks impressive, but far from what we could be seeing on the road so it is more likely just a drawing and not some concept.

The Kia vehicle in the image seems to have been inspired by the new GT4 Stinger Coupe Concept that was shown at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. Similarities include the vertical headlamps, toned fenders, and also the hood vents.

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