Kia Sorento Heading Back To Dealers

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Kia will have recalled their new Kia Sorento after reports of the vehicle getting stuck at a certain speed.

It was reported that some drivers Kia Sorento got stuck on idle speed while driving. It was later determined that the capacitor on the accelerator circuit board might have been assembled wrongly which might force the Kia Sorento to enter what they call the Forced Idle Mode or Limp Home Mode where it will only run at an idle speed only.

The solution to this problem is to change the to a new accelerator pedal, which is what Kia will be replacing when they get back the recalled models.

Those affected by the recall include the Kia Sorento made between the 27th of October 2014 and the 29th of January 2015. Kia reported that a total of 12,361 units of the new Kia Sorento will be affected by this recall.

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