Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Pushed Back, Final Fantasy XV Pushed Forward Apparently

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There seems tO be a new rumor suggesting that we might be seeing the Kingdom Heart 3 after Square Enix releases the next installment of the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV.

This came after Final Fantasy scored the top spot in the Famitsu’s most wanted list. The list is where any game developers will want to be if they plan to break the Japanese market. Although the list have also been influencing the fans outside of Japan nowadays.

The list shows what game the fans want to play most and the next Final Fantasy XV was voted to the top. Kingdom Heart 3 surprisingly only got the 6th spot On the list. Some are saying that because of this, Square Enix might decide to push out the Final Fantasy XV first before releasing the Kingdom Heart 3.

However, the list rarely Affects the release dates of the games.

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