Minecraft Xbox One Update Finally Here

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The Minecraft update for the Xbox One has already been released and this time, players will not only be getting a larger map to roam with, they will also get to play some new and exciting modes.

The Minecraft update will expand the map of the Minecraft world. The map is now 36 times larger than what it was so player will now have more space to build and more space to walk around. New players will probably not feel the difference, but if you are familiar with Minecraft, you will instantly notice how much more space there is right now.

4J studio also added in two new modes, a survival mode and also a creative mode. The creative mode allows players to roam around the map and build the city or place of their dreams. All the material in the game will be unlimited. Players can also fly to see their creations from above.

The second survival mode is where players will need to hold their defenses against monsters like the creepers, skeletons, ghosts, and also spiders.

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