Mortal Kombat X Microtransactions: Why You Ask?

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Microtransactions could be a feature in the game Mortal Kombat X although we still do not know in what way they will be using this feature.

Brain Goodman, the Marketing Manager from NetherRealm Studios stated that they were not prepared to talk about microtransactions yet, but added that they might talk about it in the future. That led us to believe that they could be a microtransactions feature in the game that should be announced soon.

They have used features like this in the past, although we are not sure if they will be using it in the same way this time around, although it would be nice to see the Krypt make a comeback. Players can choose to buy new costumes, arts and fighters to make the game more interesting faster.

Since they did not officially confirm this rumor, this is so far just a speculation, but one that many believe to be almost true.

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