Next Titanfall DLC Rumoured Date For Release

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Titanfall has been one of this year’s best games and when it arrived it did live up to expectations. Now it is looking as though there is going to be more and it could get much better as it has been said that DLCs are heading our way.

Respawn said that there would be three DLCs coming out and when they do they will bring more maps with them. The cost of the DLCs will be $10, however if you have a season pass you can get them all for $25.

The community manager of Respawn said that that the DLC is also going to offer artwork monsters. This means that a lot of hardwork will be going into them, so as to balance with the game.

We did hear Vance Zampella say that things core to the game wouldn’t be charged for, the private matches for instance will not be charged for.

Titanfall is a great game but one thing that was missing was free for all modes. Respawn will add this on for sure at some point in the future.

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