Resident Evil 7 New Character To Be Revealed At E3

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The latest Resident Evil game is expected to be revealed at E3. This information was not confirm by any official source but was seen on the NeoGAF forums.

The same person who started the rumours also elaborated on some key point like the name of the game which will not contain “7” giving much to the speculation that the latest game will not continue off Resident Evil 6. Some has speculated that since it is not a sequel it might be a spin-off like the Revelation. The source also revealed some details about the characters that will be available stating that they will be two female and a male character. He elaborated further my saying that two of the character have not been seen in a while the third have yet to appear in any previous game.

But before everybody starts jumping to conclusion on the third character being Alice from the Resident Evil movies, the source reveal that it is not from the movie but a character in the game that has never had an “active” appearance.

These speculations were also match by another reliable source. also hinted that the latest game might be a spin off from Revelation. Hopefully the latest E3 will at least let fans know the name the game will take on.