Samsung Galaxy S6: Is iPhone 6 Beat Already?

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Samsung did not do too well last year, their Samsung Galaxy S5 did not hit the targeted sales number and they are hoping that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will be able to change all of that.

We have been hearing about what the new Samsung Galaxy S6 should be coming in with but there are a few features that they will need to include if they want to stand a chance against the new Apple iPhone 6.

With all the amazing new spec the Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to come with, it is important that they make sure the battery is large enough so that users won’t need to keep searching for power outlet throughout the day.

Samsung will also need to work hard on making sure that their operating system is simple enough. While we like the fact that Samsung wants to provide users will all sort of new features, it can be quite confusing when you do not know where to search for them and how to operate them.
There have also been rumors that Samsung might introduce Samsung Pay this time, Samsung version of the Apple Pay.

With all this, there is a possibility that Samsung will actually beat the new iPhone 6 by Apple.

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