SSangyong Ready to Take On BMW X5 With Their 7-Seater?

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The BME X5 could be getting a new rival with a SSangyong badge. The manufacturer has worked hard over the years to become what it is now. They are now one of the biggest players in the world and can even go against giants like BMW. Their latest concept showed how much they have come.

The latest concept was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The concept called the new SUV vision XLV concept is the latest in a line of concept that they have been showing the public since 2011. However, this concept is very important to them because it will be “one of its core strategic models to underpin its future growth.”

Under the hood of the concept is a 1.6 liter diesel engine paired with an electric motor that will be powered by a lithium ion battery pack.

The vehicle can seat up to 7 people and is dubbed a “genuine multi-role vehicle for both urban driving and the pursuit of outdoor leisure;”. If it ever goes into production, we could see it being quite a hit especially with those muscular looking designs.

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