Using Lego To Get A Jeep

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Back in the days, Samsonite was the one that was holding the license and was also the official distributor for Lego. They also came out with a few of those Jeep Lego sets.

While it is common for people to sell off older Lego for a good price, who would have thought that the old Jeep Lego would actually sell for $1049. With that price, you might even be able to get a real life Jeep although we don’t think you will be able to drive on it for long because it will probably be very old or run down but still a real Jeep.

To be fair, the Jeep Lego set that we was selling was in an almost perfect condition. The Lego is still nicely packed in a box that is still wrapped with plastic.

Brick Picker listed the exact same set with a $20 value, although they might be talking about a opened and build set and not this untouched set.

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