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Ford Makes Wearable Tech Look Sweeter

More and more automaker are seeing the importance of integrating their vehicles with the latest technology. We have already seen Volvo and Hyundai do so by coming out with apps for their vehicle and now,…


Apple Car Confirmed Underway

There have been a lot of reports claiming that Apple’s next goal will be to build some Apple Car after some of the top guns from Apple was spotted visiting the BMW i3 production plant.


Apple-BMW Rumors: What’s It All About?

Despite both parties denying that there will be an Apple BMW electric powered vehicle on its way, the rumors just won’t stop, in fact, the rumors seem to be getting more and more traction but…


Why Apple Chose BMW, Not Tesla?

Apple is poised to develop their very own vehicle and they wish to do it once and do it right. To ensure that this goal is achieved, Apple has decided to take some notes from…


Apple iPhone 6 Mini: Patching Up The Gap?

A lot of people were also expecting to see Apple bring out a new 4inch iPhone earlier this year when they revealed the new Apple Watch but no iPhone came from Apple although we did…


iPhone 6: Siri, Why You So Crazy?

The internet have been going crazy over some of the hilarious reply iPhone users are able to get from Siri after it started trending that user will receive an angry reply from Siri if you…


Apple iPhone 6c: Yes or No?

Apple was teased often for keeping their iPhones at 4inch and now that they have finally relented, the fans are requesting or hoping that Apple will bring the smaller size iPhone back but will it…