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Google Nexus 5 GPS Problems Reported

Some users have started complaining on Reddit that the GPS on their Nexus 5 tends to stop tracking for a short time or end of detection the wrong location and it looks like it is…

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Nexus 5: Not New, Only Modified?

There were already rumors that suggest that Google might be bringing in a new Nexus 5 that will be coming in with some new feature like fingerprint scanner although nobody could say for sure.


RIP Google Nexus 5: End Of Days

Google announces that they will be stopping the production of the Google Nexus 5 last year, but at that time, they also announce that they will continue selling the device until they run out of…


Google Nexus 5: End Of The Road

It looks like it is the end for the Google Nexus 5. Despite being the predecessor to the new Google Nexus 6, there were still a lot of consumers that went for it when Google…


iPhone 5C vs LG Nexus 5: Cheap But Not Bad

Before the Nexus 6, the LG Nexus 5 is considered as one of the best affordable smartphones in the market. Apple also tried their hand on selling lower level smartphones by releasing the Apple iPhone…


Google Nexus 5 Camera: You’re Using It Wrong Owners of the Goggle Nexus 5 may be interested to hear how they can make the camera of their device a lot better. One person recently did a test with their Google Nexus 5…


Google Nexus 5 & The Poisoned Lollipop

Although everybody were very excited at what Google will be offering with their sweet new Android 5.0 Lollipop, but it looks like those that were lured by its sweet scent will have to deal with…