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iPhone 6: Did Apple Make It Too Big

While the rest of the world was moving towards owning and selling bugger smartphone, Apple tried to hold on to their believe that a 4 inch smartphone was all their users need, but they finally…


HTC One M9 Looks Good Thanks To Apple

HTC has just posted images of their new 24ct. Gold limited edition HTCOne M9 on their Twitter page and whole it looks amazing and all, the gold casing is not what the consumers are talking…


iPhone 6 Mini Still On The Table

There were a lot of speculations about Apple planning to reveal a smaller iPhone 6 this year when they introduce the Apple Watch but that did not happen.


iPhone 6 Mini Coming With Apple Watch

There have been a lot of speculations on whether Apple will end up bringing out a new Apple iPhone 6 mini now that they have increased the size of the flagship smartphone iPhone.


Get iPhone 6 Or Hold On For 6S?

The iPhone 6 has been around for less than 6 months and people are already talking about the next iPhone 6s. Based on what they are saying about the iPhone 6s right now, would you…


iPhone 6 16GB: The Worst Decision Made

We know that Apple will still be offering the 16GB iPhone 6 and since that is the cheapest option, people will definitely want to go for it without thinking about what 16GB means.