PS4: HDMI Price Does Not Matter

Despite reports and testing showing that expensive HDMI cables do not lead to better visual and audio, a lot of consumers still seems to believe that spending that extra dough on that expensive piece of…

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Nintendo NX vs PS4: Price To Power Ratio

With the Nintendo NX release date rumored to be just around the corner, there are now rumors flying that it may not be as powerful as the PS4. Now first things first, Nintendo can’t afford…


PS4: Mark Your Calender

If you are thinking about getting yourself the new PS4 console, September might actually be a good time to get one. Sony was at the E3 event earlier this week to make a few announcements.


Sony Matches Microsoft At E3 Conference

Microsoft is not the only one that has something exciting to say about their Xbox One console at the E3 event this year as it looks like Sony have more to announce about their PS4…

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Xbox One Beats PS4, More Units Sold?

While we agree that both the Xbox One and PS4 are excellent consoles, we can’t deny that Sony has been outselling Microsoft when it comes to game consoles despite Microsoft best effort of trying to…